About the studio

At Granola Studios we create believable worlds for the next big computing platform - Virtual and Augmented Reality.
In a few years from now on many people will wear smart glasses and visors to enrich their daily lifes. They will spend their spare time in holographic resorts on flying mushrooms in the sky or at always sunny beach planets. Spending time literally inside a video game will be normal.

We founded Granola Studios to be part of the revolution and to create such believable and entertaining worlds.

About the Co-Founders

Dominik Faber

Dominik has been a passionate entrepreneur for more than 17 years. Before co-founding Granola Studios in July 2017 he was CEO of softgarden, a well known recruiting software company (SaaS) he co-founded in 2003. Dominik was responsible for developing softgarden from the very first day until July 2017 when the company had more than 70 employees and more than 1000 customers. After leaving softgarden as CEO to start a new business in the VR industry he is still an active member of the board at softgarden.

Dominik loves to work hands-on and to get his fingers deep in the code again. He enjoys the challenge to start something new in a completely undiscovered VR sector.

Axel Zehden

Axel worked as a software developer for web and mobile since graduating from university. He used to work in a software boutique based in Berlin and recently helped softgarden building a mobile development unit where Axel met Dominik.
Axel is a passionate gamer and of course was amongst the first trying VR headsets.

He now enjoys his new challenge to stretch the capabilities of today's realtime engines and to bring believable worlds to VR.

Our VR Worlds & Games

Download our Brand Assets

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