We beam musicians to your living room. Live.

Artist's avatars at home

Can’t see your favourite artist performing live because it’s too far away, tickets sold out, no tour … what ever. No worries we bring the artist’s 3D avatars right to your living room. 

Like holograms in Star Wars, you know...

A whole new experience

You like it fully immersed. Just dive into the impressive concert environment of the performing artist with your VR headset. Or see the band playing next to you in your living room through your smartphone, tablet or upcoming AR glasses.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

It's live

Yes, the artist or band is performing live. Could be a studio or  home session or a real concert. In any way you will meet the avatar of the musicians live and can even interact with them.

It's uncompressed

We make sure you get the sound you deserve. The real sound without any compression is delivered straight to you.

Are you a musician?

We are currently working with selected artists. If you are interested and would like to be amongst to first musicians performing live as avatars in our AR and VR apps let us know.

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