Recovering from launch

It’s Saturday and we are still recovering from the launch yesterday. So not much work planned for today and probably not much to tell you guys.

This morning I had a nice açaí bowl with my lovely wife and dog cooper. Ok cooper had his own breakfast though.

I launched several products in the past and it always feels like jumping from a cliff. Not that I have been jumping from cliffs that often… But yeah you never know what happens, most of the time it happens not so much and the marathon starts. You have to improve your product every day, do marketing (which takes a lot of time especially when you have not a huge marketing budget and team) and get closer to your users/players to understand what you can improve to make your audience happy.

With our daily blog I want to give you as many useful insights as possible from our daily work and studio life.

I’m entrepreneur for almost all my life now, building digital products and companies. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it fails… The last company I founded and managed as CEO was much bigger than my new baby Granola Studios. You could say from 80 employees to just 3 now! But the early days in a new startup inspire me the most and give me a lot of energy. You have to do everything on your own, but hey that’s a great challenge and lifelong learning for me is the best way to stay mentally healthy and happy.

Creating products for VR is challenging for Axel (my co-founder) and me. We both come from the software/app world. Our fascination for VR/AR which we believe will change the way we all live in a couple of years is the reason we started Granola Studios. Video games will have a totally different meaning in the future. It will be the places we play, work and interact with our friends.

… maybe I should structure the posts a little more…

Ok, so for today there is not much more to say. Just planning some twitter, reddit and insta posts for the week. Maybe I will have a look at a problem with the backend server this evening. But let’s have a quick dinner first.

CU tomorrow.

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May 5, 2018
Founders journal
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