Out Of Colors is now available on steam in early access for all of you!

We are super happy to announce that our new VR game “Out Of Colors” is now available on Steam VR in early access. You can buy and download it here.

We have a launch promotion at the moment. You will get the game for 10% off until 10th of May.

The game and experience is fully playable though we are still working on it. That’s why we launched in early access. When you create a game it’s like driving a car through the fog. You almost have no idea if your game mechanics, artwork and general ideas will be fun to play for your players.

After testing the game with some beta users we decided to launch in early access on steam. The VR news site VRfocus.com wrote a very nice article about us and the game yesterday. You can read it here.

So what’s next?! After spending 4 months working on the title with my co-founder Axel and our intern Adriana we breathe deeply  for a second and continue working on the VR experience. There are still some open cards on our trello board (the place where we organize our work) and of course we have plenty of ideas what’s coming next. But we also want to get in touch with you guys who are playing the game right now. Surely you have some great ideas and comments about the title and we would love to hear from you. Here are the ways you can get in touch with us:




Steam Community

To all of you who have already purchased and played our game in early access: Thank you very much and we highly appreciate you believe in us!

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May 4, 2018
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