Our first VR experience Marius is live on Oculus and Steam VR

Wohoooooo. We have launched our first VR experience Marius on January 5th 2018. We went live on Oculus (in early access)  and Steam . What a great start for the new year. With this experience we demonstrate our ability to create believable worlds for VR. We are really happy being amongst the top free experiences on Oculus. BTW: The new Oculus store design looks fantastic btw.

When you are developing software you can always pack it with thousands of features. In our case we decided to stop implementing new stuff in December and to show what we have achieved so far to the world . We have received a lot of feedback which we will now consider carefully for our next VR experience.

A big thanks to all VR enthusiasts trying our experience and providing feedback. This is what our new industry needs to shape the future of computing which will exist in the virtual space.

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January 1, 2018
VR Early Access Updates
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