New VR Game Out-Of-Colors now available for preview on SteamVR with Steam Key

Hey guys,

Over the past 4 months Axel, Adriana and I have worked hard to ship our new VR Game “Out Of Colors”. We will launch the official early access release on steamVR in early May. But if you are one of the lucky guys on our list for early access (you can subscribe at the bottom of this page) or you follow our twitter account (@granolastudios) you might already have one of our highly wanted steam keys. With this key you can install and play the game from today on.

We are still working on some features and you might see some bugs. We will update the game on SteamVR on a regular basis. If you encounter bugs we are not aware of, it would be super useful to let us know on our steam community page.

Here is a list of issues we are aware of and we will solve soon:


  • You need internet connection: If you put a disk in the gaming console a racetrack should appear in the room. If this is not the case you are probably not connected to the internet or you have some firewall settings that prevent the connection with our backend server. Our backend server stores all available colors to win and also saves your progress.

VR Headset Support

  • You need HTC Vive or Oculus Rift + touch at the moment
  • We have a minor but with Oculus rift: When you are leaving the game with the Oculus button and you return, sometimes the camera position is to high which means you see the room from a higher perspective, such as a 3 meters man ;)

Level Design

  • The level design is 90% done. There are still some details we need to work on. Lighting needs some more effort and we are modeling and texturing the last assets.
  • Sometimes the desk chair falls over without any reason. Don't be scared ;)

Racetracks need some work

  • The current racetracks look a bit basic and are not perfectly balanced. You might find it a little tricky to get on a track. Collisions are not yet optimized. We will work on this soon but you should be able to race on all tracks and to win colors. At least we were able to ;)
  • Sometimes the car doesn't get on the track because the track is hovering over the floor

Some bugs only related to multiplayer mode

  • Magnetic touch doesn't work for clients (when playing multiplayer); You can point to an object to grab it even it is far away. We call this magnetic touch. Unfortunately this only works if you are playing alone or you are the host of a multiplayer game. We will fix this soon.
  • Destroyed cup doesn't disappear when playing multiplayer
  • All cars have the same customizing; When you paint your car all other cars will have the same painting applied at the moment. So if you play with another person and you both have customized cars you will still only see your customization. Will be fixed with one of the next updates.

We will keep this post up to date and mark the issues with fixed and new, when we upload a new version.

Thanks for playing our game.

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April 24, 2018
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