Just ordered the Oculus Go

After a morning workout with my family and a quick breakfast (some healthy fruit bowl again) I checked twitter and scrolled through the news. I also read through the first review from VRfocus again. We sent them a steam key in advance to our launch to let them play and test our VR game Out of Colors. The good thing is: We have our first review :) the bad thing: the review was not very positive. To summarize they think Out of Colors has huge potential but it is not quite there yet. We were thinking a lot over the weekend if it was too early to release it but we think it is better to show what we have earlier than later. And we released in early access which should be the right place for this. We knew a lot of details such as the story, the level design, the car control dynamics and the spraying were not perfect and need a lot more work. But it was also good to read that VRfocus liked the overall idea and think it can become brilliant with some more work. Here is the full review.

We already worked on the level design to make the teenager’s bedroom look more like from the 90s. Though it’s still missing a unique identity which we try to create over the next weeks. We also need to optimize how the rc car is controlled. Right now it is not much fun. You have to drive it very slowly to stay on the racetrack. Spraying the car also needs more attention. At the moment it is very hard to create some beautiful art you would like to show to others. We already have many ideas how to improve and fix these things. But of course it will take some time.

Just a few minutes ago I ordered the Oculus Go. We hoped to get one from the Oculus Start program we are members of. But until now we have not received a device. We think Out of Colors would be a great fit for gearVR and the Oculus Go and we want to start very soon on porting the game to this platform. So hopefully the Go will be delivered in the next days and maybe we are lucky and get one or two more from Oculus in the next weeks. At least we can start the development soon.

Btw.: The game studio “hypmag” has released their VR rhythm game “BeatSaber”. The guys are very talented and the game is the highest rated on the whole steam platform. Congratulations again to the team. It motivates us a lot. Every creator hopes to have such a success at least once in a lifetime. So make sure to check it out. It’s really fun to play.

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May 6, 2018
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